Early development screenshots for rpglogger

rpglogger.com is a labor of passion by a gamer who happens to work as a web developer.

Here are the first three development screenshots. The site is live, and open users. All you need is a Facebook account to log in. I'm two weeks into development, and there is much functionality yet to come.

First version:

  • Initial navigation and layout
  • Preview of filter/meta boxes
  • Demo, lorem ipsum text



Second version:

  • Refreshed some of the fonts
  • Added background image
  • Added site shout-out at the top of the page
  • Demo, lorem ipsum text



Latest version:

  • Refresh on the fonts (now using Google Web Fonts)
  • Re-done layout+navigation
  • Overall look & feel is fairly close to final, mostly working on site functionality from here forward, though there will be a few visual enhancements
  • Actual, live data shown