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Top 10 Common Computer Problems

Computers, like several other machines develop faults of various kinds. The difference is that while most problems that other machines develop are usually limited to hardware, computers’ are both hardware and software. Let us look into 10 most common problems your computer can encounter and will make you feel bad. 1. Booting Your computer could Read more about Top 10 Common Computer Problems[…]


Free Game Development Software Tools to Make Your Own Games

With the amount of software out there nowdays, making your own games can be very simple without the need for any prior programming language. Initially game’s were made with huge studios that required 100’s of developers and an indepth knowledge of coding requirements such as C+ or Javal You also required seperate departments such as Read more about Free Game Development Software Tools to Make Your Own Games[…]


Why do I need Smartphone tracking software?

In today’s climate smartphone tracking is a useful mechanism to check and monitor the level of usage on a device if it’s compatible with personal or work interests should the particular request arise with permission to do so. This is not popular due to privacy, however can be accommodated based on the circumstances. This could Read more about Why do I need Smartphone tracking software?[…]


The best free software for your gaming PC

Gaming is a popular topic at the moment. There’s a host of tools available to optimise and deliver a sound gaming platform to accentuate the performance of your computer. With Multi Player, in addition to hosting capabilities to others can comment, send files and with voice mechanism to talk and game with your gaming buddies, Read more about The best free software for your gaming PC[…]


Technology is terribly, often stupidly complicated

So, let’s say you love to write: short stories, poetry, music lyrics, whatever it is you love. When you first started writing you probably went to a bookstore, bought a notebook, or a pad of paper, and a really great pen that felt comfortable in your hand. You’d been reading books and literature for years, Read more about Technology is terribly, often stupidly complicated[…]


Why do I have to remember to ‘Save’?

In all the people I’ve helped over the years, one of the hardest, and frankly dumbest lessons people inevitably learn is why they need to remember to save their work. I mean, can’t computers do that for us? Sure, lots of software does this now, but we’re still waiting for every software maker to realize Read more about Why do I have to remember to ‘Save’?[…]

We’re going to need some better humans…

As many of you know, the IBM supercomputer named Watson defeated the greatest human champions in the game of Jeopardy in February. Despite confusing Chicago with another famous American city, Toronto, Watson handily beat our most brilliant triviaologists. I sat watching, amazed and scared as he (she? it?) blew through the boards of questions, leading Read more about We’re going to need some better humans…[…]

Hot chocolate and trustworthy shopping

I’m not a shopper… I’ve never been much of a shopper. Every year around the holidays, I fight the urge to listen to Christmas music or start doing any of my Christmas/holiday shopping until after Thanksgiving. You’ll never see me at one of the Black Friday sales. And then, after the November holiday, I immediately Read more about Hot chocolate and trustworthy shopping[…]