3D Graphics at 3D Masters: Interview with Medin Balkanitch

Master 3D artists have honed their skills to create stunning 3D graphics. Wireframe participants communicate with us.

It has been 2.5 years since we last communicated with Medin Balkanitch. Now, after a long hiatus, we are reviving a number of interviews.

You are now waiting for the results of communication with interesting people about the most relevant topics in Russia’s design, advertising, packaging and branding fields.

Participants from Wireframe, a 3D graphics studio that specializes in Motion design, were our first interlocutors.

We communicated with the Mosquito studio’s art director and “N”‘s project manager.

Russia is known for comparing the work of their compatriots with that of Western studios. Now, I have the courage to join the comparison and say that 3d graphics demonstrates the western level. How did you get here? Before wireframe, tell us who was doing which task.

mosquito: West, West and Strife. We appreciate the comparison. We just do our business and try to be our best. There is still much work to be done. We are still far from the West, at least not in video. The past: I was a graphic designer, taught graphics and worked freelance. Most of the men used to work in large studios, on a schedule. Kolya N has been involved in web design successfully for a long period.

N: We appreciate your comparison. However, we haven’t yet reached the level that we desire, and we recognize that there is great potential for growth. Before Wireframe, I was involved in web design and programming. Now, it is more of a hobby that I make websites.

What was the first time you wanted to start your own studio?

At the age 18 I was a mosquito. I had been walking toward my dream for a while.

N: Although we are often referred to as a studio, we are actually a freelance team. Although the desire to form a team was a natural desire, it wasn’t the ultimate goal. It was a few years ago that we began to work together in 3D graphics and eventually became a Wireframe.

mosquito: A product’s attractiveness is not always the selling point. The client is the best judge in this instance. However, it is important to have both creativity and execution. Clients should trust design studios more. Do you really trust the advice of a design studio? He knows better. If you climb, it is a sign that you have made a mistake when choosing a master.

N: Designers and marketers should be able to design quality advertising and design. Education is probably not a bad thing for managers. Everyone will benefit if the “visual experience” gained through education makes customers more demanding.

Are there situations where a client asks for a price reduction or lower? Are you willing to negotiate or do you abandon the client immediately?

It’s not very common. We are willing to make concessions for projects that are creatively exciting. This policy can be found on our website under the “People” section. This happens naturally and is insufficient. We do not regret refusing such clients.

N: Each project is individually calculated. We will most likely take on a project if it is particularly interesting from a creative standpoint, but the client has a small budget. We will not take on a project if it has a high budget but isn’t interesting.

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