Android phone 2022: How To Check your phone’s notification on your Computer

In the year 2019, Microsoft created a system to manage Android notifications through Windows.

The tech company lets users get notifications from your Android smartphone in the Windows 10 or 11 computer in the moment they arrive. This allows you to access the entire SMSM history, as well as any other in-process notifications upon request.

You can also respond to messages or create new texts using your PC. It was previously known as “Your Telephone,” the Windows app is now changed to “Phone Link.”

How to view your Android Phone Notifications on Your PC

Keep in mind that you’re moving back and forth between the computer onto the Android phone. Make sure you have the most current version of the “Your Phone” application on your computer.

Start by opening your Microsoft Store and look for Phone Link. If the application is not installed, it is necessary in order to download it. Once you have it installed, you can open the app and you’ll be able to be able to view your “Your Phone” application on the screen, as per The Verge.

Click “Get Start”” and you’ll be reminded of the Microsoft account you’re signed into, unless you decide to switch accounts after which you can select “Continue.”

Then, open your phone and you’ll be provided directions on how to get to the Android phone to download an application called Link to Windows app.

For the majority of Android phones, you’ll need to enter the link provided, or look it up in the Play Store on your own and then install as per HowtoGeek.

If you own an Surface Duo or a Samsung phone you can select “Link with Windows” will be installed on your computer. Start the app, and the option “Link your phone” is displayed on your computer.

Return to your computer You should find the checkbox with an entry that says, “I have the Link to Windows app installed.” Go through it, and tap “Pair by QR Code.”

When you open your Android phone, you will get a notification asking you if the QR code you have on your computer is in place. If you have confirmed that the QR code is in place you can press “Continue” on your phone.

Allow Link for Windows permission to take pictures and video recordings. Scanning the QR code on your computer using your Android phone and it will be connected.

You can give the app permissions that it asks for. There will be a notification regarding how connecting to a computer could alter the battery life of your phone. Press “Continue,” and then you can choose to allow or deny permission for it to be running within the background.

You Android phone will inform you to look at your computer to determine whether the process is completed and then your computer will inform you whether you’re all set to go.

Make Sure You Check Your Computer

There will be a welcome message, and you’ll be invited to add this message on the Windows 11 taskbar. Then, you will be introduced to all the options available including seeing notifications, texting messages, viewing images and even calling.

Click the link ” See My Notifications ” to let notifications be processed. Simply click “See My Notifications.” Then you will have to ask permission to sync your notifications.

Simply open the settings of your phone, and you’ll be able to see “Device along with App Notification.” Locate your Link to the Windows app in the list, and then turn on the toggle. Tap “Allow” in the confirm screen that pops up to finish the process.