Spotify is Building its own Hardware

It’s not easy to get into the hardware market, but it appears that the music streaming company will be able to tap into this market in the near future. It’s not uncommon for Spotify to build its own hardware. A job posting for a hardware team was posted online in 2017. Candidates were expected to Read more about Spotify is Building its own Hardware[…]

Microsoft Windows 11’s Performance Is Not About the Hardware

Tom’s Hardware reported that Windows 11’s biggest change was its improved resource management system. The new OS implements higher priority levels than Windows 10 for programs currently working on windows. If you are typing in Google Docs in a window on your main screen, then the OS will focus all its resources on that window. Read more about Microsoft Windows 11’s Performance Is Not About the Hardware[…]

Converting DVD to MP4 video for Playing on PC

A DVD player is required to watch the DVD. If you do have one, it may not work or be able to read the disc. These discs can be scratched easily and the player may have difficulty reading their contents. This is why it’s so easy to use your computer or laptop to convert the Read more about Converting DVD to MP4 video for Playing on PC[…]

Shortage of Hardware

A major problem facing most industries around the globe is the chip shortage. This includes Intel’s CPU division down to distribution of the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X. Soft robots are described as delicate because they are made for specific tasks that require precision, elegance, and majestic movement. The piano requires fluidity of the Read more about Shortage of Hardware[…]

Gamers prefer Hexa Core CPUs These Days

TechRadar reports that six-core CPUs seem to be the most popular among PC gamers around the globe. A little over 34.22 percent have at least one hexacore CPU. Quad-core CPUs are second at 33.74 percent. Eight-core CPU users make up 17.72 percent of Steam’s current user base. Hexa-core CPU numbers are up 1.19% since February, Read more about Gamers prefer Hexa Core CPUs These Days[…]

Computer Failure: The Affected Services

The IRS is currently performing repairs to ensure normal operation can be resumed as soon as possible. The agency anticipates that some systems might not be available before Thursday. The IRS is still assessing the extent and impact of the computer malfunction. The agency has identified several systems that are affected by the outage. Its Read more about Computer Failure: The Affected Services[…]

There are Powerful ways to Speed up and Organize your Computer

National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day” has arrived. Here are some effective ways to organize and speed up your personal computers. According to the National Day Calendar’s earlier report, this special day encourages everyone manage their virtual desktops. It takes place every year on the third Monday in October. This special event will focus on Read more about There are Powerful ways to Speed up and Organize your Computer[…]

The new MacBook Air is cheaper and more efficient

The tech world is excited by the potential of Apple’s new thin laptop computer, amid fresh MacBook Air rumors. Don’t be too optimistic, industry observers have stated that the Apple Air 2 will not get a significant upgrade to its processors. Many are now puzzled as to why Apple is moving forward with the MacBook Read more about The new MacBook Air is cheaper and more efficient[…]