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I am a professional record artist. My community has supported my musical ventures, the TV shows of my community, and I have read my community newspaper over the years. CarlosComputers is my way of giving back to my community

My computer-helping journey began in 2003, when I helped a friend who was almost blind.

It is hard to forget how happy he was. Oh, yea! He was so happy that his computer was working as well as it did when he purchased it. I showed him the basics right after he was done with his computer. He is now a “superuser”. It was a fantastic feeling!

– I realized that I only wanted to help my community with computer related issues. I am aware that there are many predators who take advantage of computer novice users.

So I decided to be the IT guy for my community. It was the question: How do you do that? I found the answer in the Internet and his magic. T

Monday is my personal day. I will be able to reach all of my friends and assist them with computers.

To help others with honesty, friendship and kindness, I began slowly (till now). My friends all use my services to Reinstall OS and Optimize. They also use my services for Hardware upgrades, general cleaning, and infection removal. I explain how computers should be used and maintain security for years to beginners. Although I have learned a lot about computers, I’m not a computer expert. It didn’t take me long to realize that computers can be understood and solved by anyone who isn’t a rocket scientist.

I learnt computers through tutorials, help from friendly hackers and free land teachers, Microsoft, online courses and hours of reading. Not to mention spending a lot on software, books, and components. It took me many years to learn computers. It took me many hours to learn how computers work and how I could troubleshoot them.

From virus/spyware removal to laptop repairs, I have learned a lot. Today, I strive to offer my community a cost-effective solution that is not only practical but also financial. I recommend or link my community with vendors I trust to be honest and secure. My computers are sold with genuine windows software. I create custom computers to meet all your needs. All this without the “BS”. Carlos Computers – is a social enterprise – Everyone can get help or offer support.

My mission is to help people understand and work with computers. I’m available to offer affordable, practical computer repair solutions for my friends if they need them. My site’s name is “Carlos Computers”, which is just a name, as the entire “enchilada”, is driven by one man. I have three jobs. In reality, I have only 2 hobbies and 1 job. I manage and work full-time with many people in Winnipeg. A webmaster and an entertainment businessman, I also work in that industry. My life is hectic, but that doesn’t stop me from helping my friends. Yes! I can do it on my own. Of course, I cannot be at two places at once. But with this page! To make it easier for you to search for help, I spend time reuniting other secure and friendly sites over the Internet. This site acts as a bookmark engine. This site allows you to search for any information and receive help. You can even go to other places here! Learn from smart people all over the globe. My community is informed.

I strive to offer them high-quality Computer Services that will improve any small business environment or home office. This website is bilingual in English Canada and Spanish. You can also find good advice to learn English and Spanish.