July 26, 2017


For people interested in a Chicago mesh net, you may find some like-minded individuals here. We’re interested in infrastructure over politics. Whatever your reason for being interested in a mesh net we need people to build it – talk doesn’t do much of anything helpful at this stage.

The focus here is to deploy the actual hardware involved. We’re aware of cjdns and other efforts. The software protocols that run over the network are a separate concern from actually building the physical network itself.

We are:

A small group of builders with actual, useful knowledge for putting this together.

  • request access – vpn-north.chicagomeshnet.com
  • forums – ChicagoMeshNet
  • irc – Chicagomeshnet on irc.efnet.net
  • mailing list – chicagomeshnet on google groups
  • reddit – ChicagoMeshNet

We need more people with:

  • desire to host/install/sponsor a physical node
  • networking/linux knowledge
  • people with access to 5+ story buildings where antennas could be installed (doesn’t have to be roof access if
  • you’re willing to install an antenna on your balcony/side of the building)

If you know of more resources/people building a mesh net in Chicago, then please jump in an contact us through any of the above methods.

It’s very early days, and the community is small.