Development update: Off-site listings


This week we’re completely focused getting more content on the site, and building the community.

The thing we’re working on this week is off-site listings – a way to promote your listings on other sites through the FGT site.

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So, let’s say that you’re trying to sell your car, but you’re a little nervous about trying to sell it on FeelGoodTrader because there’s not a lot of traffic or users right now. We totally get that.

Go ahead and post it wherever you want to post it so you can get your item sold. Then come on over to FGT and simply post the link to your off-site listing on FGT, and use it as a place to promote your currently listing. How does this help you? Simple – when a user comes to FGT and searches for “used car”, in the search results they’ll find your off-site listing, and head straight to it. That means you can sell your items anywhere on the web that works for you, and users can search for it on FGT and find it in seconds. Better still, when you close your listing on the other site you don’t need to come back to FGT to close it. We will automatically detect that the listing is no longer available within 24 hours, and remove it from the FGT database, saving you time.

So you may ask, “Why does this have to be user-submitted? Why don’t we just scrape the listings of other sites, and repost them on FGT?” Well, because doing so would be unethical – those sites have spent a lot of time building their community, and we’re not interested in just stealing their listings. That’s not cool. However, if you post a listing on another site you’re perfectly free to promote it any way you want (using FGT off-site listings, Twitter, etc.), in order to drive potential buyers back to you. You can even post a friend’s listing to FGT – so long as you’re using it as a promotion engine, and not scraping content from another site, then you’re good to go.

Look for an update on this feature later this week. As soon as we’re ready to push this feature to the site we’ll let you know.

Thanks for reading!