FGT Launches notifications

Wouldn’t it be nice if FeelGoodTrader would let you know when new things were posted? As of today, it does.

We’ve rolled out the initial notification feature just a short while ago. What it lets you do, essentially, is type in a search term (e.g. “Google TV”), and if FeelGoodTrader doesn’t have any listings for it a button shows up saying “Notify me!” when listings like this become available.

zoomed inGive me some notification love!What you need to get notifications

FeelGoodTrader is now open to everyone. Simply sign up for a free account, and you can setup notifications for any search term that you like. Just go to your “profile”, put any search term you want into “Create new notification”, and bingo – you’re ready to go.

Next time you log into FeelGoodTrader you’ll see all the new buyer and seller listings for any/all items that match that filter. Pretty cool, huh?

profile view


List of notifications in your profileCan I get notifications in email and SMS?


Not yet. We’re really close to having this finished, and expect to have an announcement by next month. Email notifications will come first, followed by SMS.