How to turn your computer repair website into a lead generation machine

A website is essential for any business, especially computer repair businesses. Your website is your virtual shopfront, and a way for potential customers to find you. Although every computer repair company has a website, it is important to make your website stand out so that you can generate new business rather than passively passing on information.

The goal of any advertising or marketing campaign online is to attract new customers and generate leads. How can your website become more than a digital brochure and be a positive online marketing tool?

Clear, relevant information

The average computer user will be overwhelmed by computer problems and won’t want to dig through too much extra information to determine where the business is located, how much it will cost, the hours of operation, and other important details. Customers will choose the computer repair company that makes it easy and stress-free to find basic information. Although a website may contain more information than the essentials, it is important that visitors can easily find the following pages:

What brand of software and hardware do you use to repair computers?

Hours of Operation

Prices per hour and per task

Include a map of your location, and preferably include a link to it on or similar services.

Online marketing in web design should not be more than three clicks away. However, visitors should only need to click two links to access the information.

Useful Features

While it is important to make the basic information easily accessible, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have other useful and interesting features on your website about computer repair services. Your online marketing strategy should include computer-related information. This will make your website more popular with computer users who will be more likely to come back to you when they need help. It can be a great way for your website to grow traffic by embedding videos that show common computer maintenance and installation tasks. A list of useful or entertaining links can be a great way to encourage people to bookmark your site for future viewing.

Your web server or hosting service should offer instant messaging and other chat services. This will allow you to increase your website’s online marketing potential by allowing customers to communicate directly with technicians or customer representatives. Chatting with a live person via chat can be an excellent feature for customers who need technical advice or have questions.

After you’ve provided basic information about your business and created interesting content to attract visitors and generate repeat traffic to your site, what online marketing strategies can you employ to increase leads to your website? You have many options to show potential customers the “personality” and work ethic of your business.

You can add a “About Our Staff” page that includes short bios about your employees. This could include pictures of their backgrounds, specialties, favorite science fiction movies, and other interesting facts. You should also post a picture of the place to give customers a sense about it and help them locate it.