Improved notifications

From the popular to the obscure, finding things on FeelGoodTrader has never been easier; so easy that you don’t even have to come to the site to find new listings!

If you sign up for an account on FeelGoodTrader (it’s free after all), then you can setup notifications for anything you can imagine, and get an email or text message when those things are posted on FeelGoodTrader.

Say you want to know when someone posts a listing for an “Xbox.” Simply create a notification for it, and as the listings roll in, you’ll get a message in your inbox, and a little notification count at the top of your FeelGoodTrader page after logging in.

Notifications work equally well for really obscure items. Say you’re looking for a 1957 Chevy – just create a notification for it and you’ll know as soon as it’s posted. You can create as many notifications as you like!

Notifications are collected into a single place so they’re easy to see.