Laptop lockdown Computer Security 101+

In the past few years, laptop computers have been losing ground to tablets. They have lost ground to tablets in recent years.

This article will provide some suggestions on how to secure a laptop computer. This article is intended for other professionals who are responsible for protecting sensitive data.

Let me begin by saying that personal preferences are very important.

There are many choices for setting up a laptop. I have come across security professionals who prefer Linux-based or Unix-based operating systems. Some prefer Windows-based platforms. I will write this article from Windows 7 Professional’s perspective, which is my preferred OS to general productivity.

If Windows is the starting point, then you’ll find helpful information here.

Let’s get started:

Situational Awareness & Physical Safety:

You can’t have a conversation about laptop security if you don’t point out the obvious. It will be difficult for someone to take your laptop without you knowing.

Shutdown & Physical Tracking:

LoJack for Laptops is one of many tools that can help you locate your laptop and keep it from being booted. PCTheftDefense is what I use. It came with my Sony Vaio ). .

How do you lock down the BIOS

The BIOS is your best friend when it comes to protecting your laptop. Try Computer Repairs Sinnamon Park offer the most affordable and most effective virus and spyware removal anywhere in Sinnamon Park area and nearby Brisbane suburbs.