Mess with the Registry at your own risk – Computer Repair Tools

The Registry soon gets clogged up with so much information, that searching through all the information in the Registry can seriously slow your computer down. A clogged up registry is probably the single most important cause of a computer starting up slowly or running slowly.

Registry Cleaners check every item in the Registry and create a list of all the items that it thinks are redundant … and it then removes them. If it gets it right, your computer starts quicker or runs quicker.
But if it gets it wrong … you’re screwed!

Some cleaners remove items automatically, just giving you a warning that the makers of the program are not responsible if your computer no longer works afterward! The better ones give you a list of items and ask you to confirm that you want them to be deleted. That’s fine if you are a computer repair expert or an IT technician, but if not, the list probably wouldn’t make sense to you.

So you look at the list, and you can’t understand what it’s all about, but you think “The program must know what it’s doing”, and you press “OK”. And if it’s got it wrong … you’re screwed!

I guess, what we’re saying is, if you have a certain knowledge of how a computer works, and how your operating system works, then computer repair tools are OK to use. Try Computer Repairs Keperra offers nothing but the best desktop computer repairs in the whole area of Keperra and nearby Brisbane suburbs.

However, if you are not technically minded, or if you are not an experienced software engineer, then using computer repair tools can cause more trouble than they are worth.

Computer Repair Trade Organizations

But although short, it places your customer first, and customer satisfaction is what matters most and which you will all be striving for anyway.

So from a customer satisfaction point of view, or from a computer repairers point of view, why not register as a member of one of the best worldwide Computer Repair Trade Organizations?

Computer repairs organization with a code of practice for professional computer repairs companies, and formal complaints procedure for members of the public.

Computer Repair companies and Service Engineers will be competent to perform the repair and services they undertake.

Any information seen on a computer being repaired or serviced will remain completely confidential.

Repairers and Service Engineers will only charge for computer repairs actually carried out.

If a repair is undertaken in your home, all reasonable steps will be taken to ensure that residents are not put at risk.

Companies disposing of computer drives will ensure all personal information is completely destroyed.

Apart from the GoogleAds, All the Computer Repairs companies listed here have agreed to comply with the above Code of Practice.

For full details of the CREN Code of Practice please click on the link at the top of the page.


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You will be able to quickly find a computer repair or service engineer you can trust.

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