The best free software for your gaming PC

Gaming is a popular topic at the moment. There’s a host of tools available to optimise and deliver a sound gaming platform to accentuate the performance of your computer. With Multi Player, in addition to hosting capabilities to others can comment, send files and with voice mechanism to talk and game with your gaming buddies, there needs to be the right setup operating system and hardware wise to accommodate these incentives in the online gaming space. First up is Steam. A well known and robust, platform that delivers an online gaming experience through downloading a game, with a

First up is Steam. A well known and robust, platform that delivers an online gaming experience through downloading a game, with a transferrable license to devices, alongside saving game data on a server. If you already have a new PC which has good hardware from a CPU, RAM and graphics perspective, Steam is your go to ecosystem for a host of online games that are easy to access and manage. Steam has a host of tools from online access, to account access and titles that allow for gaming access as long as there’s an active internet connection to download. Once it’s downloaded, with an inactive connection the game can be played.

Next is tweaking the configuration on you PC. Above I talked about hardware, components such as RAM and graphics. Well RAM is there to speed up your games and help performance with frame rates so it’s not blurry whilst playing. The graphics card delivers the quality you need for gaming which includes rendering such high quality images and video. For that seamless experience, check out Fraps. A tool you can download that sits in the right hand corner, checking your frame rates, as well as making sure the utility which allows you a host of options to select to your liking to optimise that game.


With VoIP this allows a comprehensive voice call over the internet. Just like playing a video game. When you combine both, you need mechanism for voice chat with partnering up and discussing with your fellow gamers with a concrete, audibly proficient connection. TeamSpeak 3 allows to check sound levels, sort out echoing issues with echo reduction and even use encryption. So basically you have good quality voice discussions over gaming.

For more intricate gamers there’s MSIAfterburner. The Graphics Processing Unit or GPU dictates your graphics performance on your computer. This particular niche program tries to improve the performance of your machine. It does work in conjunction with the video card, so being diligent with how much clocking it does requires verifying the settings properly.

Alternatively you can also try CPU-Z. Similar to the above but more advanced with more fine tuning options to optimise that gaming performance. You can even save the reports of said performance to a text file or in HTML format for your review. For display’s there’s a useful tool which adjusts the lighting to your needs of your display. This means you can concentrate properly and it does’t hog up CPU much on the machine either. The tool is called f.lux

A handy tool which pretty much should be added to this list without a doubt is CCleaner. Who knows what kind of PC junk is in your machine that’s clogging up the system. Maybe certain applications taking up valuable space. It can delete temporary files and broken Windows registries, to identify software your system doesn’t need. This is an excellent app for your gaming PC.