FGT Launches notifications

Wouldn’t it be nice if FeelGoodTrader would let you know when new things were posted? As of today, it does. We’ve rolled out the initial notification feature just a short while ago. What it lets you do, essentially, is type in a search term (e.g. “Google TV”), and if FeelGoodTrader doesn’t have any listings for Read more about FGT Launches notifications[…]


FeelGoodTrader Launches Beta

Friday morning, at 12:04am we launched the beta for FeelGoodTrader.com. Welcome emails went out to all the beta users with instructions on how to create accounts, and many have already. There are now a few items on sale in the market place. It’s been many months coming, what with all the code to be written, Read more about FeelGoodTrader Launches Beta[…]