Hot chocolate and trustworthy shopping

I’m not a shopper… I’ve never been much of a shopper. Every year around the holidays, I fight the urge to listen to Christmas music or start doing any of my Christmas/holiday shopping until after Thanksgiving. You’ll never see me at one of the Black Friday sales. And then, after the November holiday, I immediately Read more about Hot chocolate and trustworthy shopping[…]

Improved notifications

From the popular to the obscure, finding things on FeelGoodTrader has never been easier; so easy that you don’t even have to come to the site to find new listings! If you sign up for an account on FeelGoodTrader (it’s free after all), then you can setup notifications for anything you can imagine, and get Read more about Improved notifications[…]

FGT Launches notifications

Wouldn’t it be nice if FeelGoodTrader would let you know when new things were posted? As of today, it does. We’ve rolled out the initial notification feature just a short while ago. What it lets you do, essentially, is type in a search term (e.g. “Google TV”), and if FeelGoodTrader doesn’t have any listings for Read more about FGT Launches notifications[…]


Development update: Off-site listings

This week we’re completely focused getting more content on the site, and building the community. The thing we’re working on this week is off-site listings – a way to promote your listings on other sites through the FGT site. check also mac repairs Ipswich site. So, let’s say that you’re trying to sell your car, Read more about Development update: Off-site listings[…]


FeelGoodTrader Launches Beta

Friday morning, at 12:04am we launched the beta for Welcome emails went out to all the beta users with instructions on how to create accounts, and many have already. There are now a few items on sale in the market place. It’s been many months coming, what with all the code to be written, Read more about FeelGoodTrader Launches Beta[…]


Online commerce needs a strong, connected community, not a large one

Communities where people care reflect it. They are kept clean and safe, and the people continually add value to them.When you go through any neighborhood in your city there’s a look, a feel, and a general sense that you pick up almost instantly, good or bad. Online communities share this aspect with their physical counterparts: Read more about Online commerce needs a strong, connected community, not a large one[…]