Top 10 Common Computer Problems

Computers, like several other machines develop faults of various kinds. The difference is
that while most problems that other machines develop are usually limited to hardware,
computers’ are both hardware and software.
Let us look into 10 most common problems your computer can encounter and will make you
feel bad.

1. Booting

Your computer could be in danger of a failing power supply when it goes off abruptly or has
difficulty in booting. If this is the case with your pc, check if the computer is properly plugged
into the power point. If you realise that that doesn’t work, test the power point and another
working device to affirm is there is adequate power or not.

2. The Screen is Blank

When you put your system on, it may give you a buck of surprise as the screen goes blank.
Immediately, check if the monitor is plugged into the power port the right way. Connection
problem could also exist between the computer and the screen.
If this problem is on your laptop pc, then you need to get a professional repairer to help fix it.
There might have been an issue with some of the internal wires.

3. Abnormally Functioning Operating System or Software

As earlier mentioned, computers’ problems do not end only in hardware issue. Software also
develop faults that could be complicating as shown on Computer Repairs Taringa site.

If your operating system or a particular software is
not responsive, restart your computer then scan it using a trustworthy antivirus software.

4. Windows Won’t Boot

You may be having issues trying to boot windows. Just install it again with the Windows
recovery disk.

5. Frozen Screen

It is good to have your work saved always because when your computer freezes, the next
thing to do is to reboot it and that may cost you your unsaved datas. Freezing can be a
symptom of insufficient RAM, spyware, malware, registry issues etc. Press the power button
repeatedly and the computer will go off. Once this is done, start it again and clean unneeded
files on the computer and get back to work.

6. Slowliness

Don’t panic when your computer is slower than expected. All you have to do is clean the
hard disk of the unwanted files and you will be fine. If this does not work, you may install a
firewall, antivirus and antispyware tools, then set a regular registry scan. You can get
external drives that will help your computer run faster.

7. Noises

Your computer must have been undergoing a particular hardware malfunction or fan issue if
it makes noises. Hardrives make noises if they want to start malfunctioning. The noises are a
signal to back up your files in case of an eventual breakdown.

8. Slow Internets

If your internet browser is slow, clear the cookies and internet temporary files frequently. In
the search bar of the Windows, type ‘%temp%’ and hit either enter to open the temporary
files folder.

9. Overheating

Then lack of a sufficient cooling system may make your computer parts to start generating
too much heat. To avoid this, just turn it off and let it rest. You can also check the fan to
ensure it’s not malfunctioning.

10. Dropped Internet Connections

Dropped internet connections can frustrate you, I know. The problem is mostly caused by a
bad cable or phone line. The serious could be severe when it includes: viruses, a bad
network card or modem, or an issue with the driver.

If you’re experiencing any of those problems, contact the experts at Computer Repairs Brisbane   to have them solved in record time.