We’re going to need some better humans…

As many of you know, the IBM supercomputer named Watson defeated the greatest human champions in the game of Jeopardy in February. Despite confusing Chicago with another famous American city, Toronto, Watson handily beat our most brilliant triviaologists. I sat watching, amazed and scared as he (she? it?) blew through the boards of questions, leading the brilliant Ken Jennings to comment, “I for one welcome our new computer overlords.”

And yet, I, for one, am not ready to submit that easily! I’m dedicated to improving myself and encouraging other humans in the quest that is to come. But since I’m no Luddite and I don’t expect a mobile version of Watson any time soon, we’re going to be stuck with “lesser” devices for the time being. Fortunately, with the recent release of iPad 2 and other powerful tablets, we have improved devices to help us learn and play… and play a lot more. I’ve been my using my various Apple and Android devices to listen to podcasts to help improve my Spanish and study guitar chords. Plus, I figure all the time I spend conquering Angry Birds must be helpful in the long run, right?

The popularity of the iPad 2 also means there are a bunch of original iPad showing up all over the internet, including FeelGoodTrader. Nothing like using a computer, in tablet form or otherwise, to fight our new supposed overlords.

There are other ways we can stay ahead of the Watsons, HALs, Matrixes, and WOPRs. They may be able beat us in trivia, chess, and numerous other “games” but Skynet has yet to develop anything that can defeat us in a race, a bike event or other various sporting events. Until that time, we have the physical advantage. I’m looking forward to the swimming, running and biking that spring bring. I may even search out a new road bike while looking for an iPad.

To find all these amazing tools to conquer the future Watsons, I have many choices out there, on and off the internet. When I choose to buy via an on-line service I use the new and improved notifications on FeelGoodTrader, I’m emailed or sent a text message to let me know when iPads or fast bicycles are added to the site! I don’t have to constantly search and search… when the items are available, I get notified!

If only I had a device that could build a perfect NCAA bracket, I’d be really set! Until then, I’m stuck with the old ways … and I’m adding a new notification of “Supercomputer Killer” to FeelGoodTrader so I’m always informed and ready.