Why do I have to remember to ‘Save’?

In all the people I’ve helped over the years, one of the hardest, and frankly dumbest lessons people inevitably learn is why they need to remember to save their work. I mean, can’t computers do that for us? Sure, lots of software does this now, but we’re still waiting for every software maker to realize how absolutely fundamental and obvious this is.

Dear ToasterMatic computer:

I am the person who bought you. The day I brought you home, you were in pieces, so I assembled you. I had faith that you and I would form a new partnership whereby my life would get easier, and you would be satisfied to dutifully fulfill your purpose in life.
Lately, however, I feel that you might actually be working against me, like a guy on the street selling cheap, high-quality luggage, only to find out after I buy the luggage that it’s full of hungry, venomous snakes that seek to sap the life out of me.
Let me give you a concrete example. Yesterday I was working on a document for work, for a project that was due in just two hours. You know how hard we’d worked on this together. You get a great job helping me find all the great pictures, and building the graphs and charts for my presentation. You even told me when the data I was giving you was wrong, and what I could do about it to help you out. For that, I thank you.
What I wasn’t so happy about what how you didn’t save any of my work along


┬áthe way. Technically it’s your responsibility to save the work that I do, but apparently I forgot to tell you. Well, I thought it was implied that, given all the time we put into it together, that we would want to save that work.
Was I wrong to believe you? Was I wrong to trust you? Do you hate me? Do you enjoy doing the same thing over and over again? I know you’re trying to teach me a lesson, but don’t you think you could have just taken care of this one thing for me? I really don’t think it’s too much to ask. I spoke to some friends about it, and they all kinda agree with me on this one.

So, ToasterMatic … WTF?

– Your humble operator